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Risen multi-degree sanding

Risen multi-degree sanding
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Risen multi-degree sanding
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  • Model: صنفرة ريزن متعددة درجات الخشونة
  • Weight: 0.25kg
  • Dimensions: 15.00cm x 5.00cm x 3.50cm
  • Model-en: صنفرة ريزن م
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Risen multi-degree sanding

yashmal kl ma tahtajuh - tati aleubuat mae 12 waruqat sanfaratan min aldarajat alttalia ( P120 - P150 - P180 - P220 )
waraq eali aljawdat - ln yanhar 'aw yankasir 'aw yanhar 'athna' alaistikhdam
alaistikhdam alrutub waljaf - masnue min karbid alsiylikun walmatlii khrbayyana aldhy ymkn 'an yakun mnasbana lilaistikhdam alrutub waljaf ealaa hadin swa' , bihayth yumkinuk aistikhdamih fi kl shay' min almaedin walkhashb 'iilaa alblastyk 'aw alkhazf
tawilat bma yakfi liaistikhdam alyad 'aw wadeuha ealaa kutlat alraml - yablugh tul jmye 'awraq alsanfarat 9 bawsat / 22.9 sm walati yumkin aistikhdamuha fi mutanawal alyad 'aw wadeiha bshwlt ealaa kutlat sanfirat , kama yumkinuk qataeaha bi'ayi hajm hsb hajatik
mutawafiq mae - mthali liltaeamul mae jmye 'anwae almahami alfardiat wal'iislahat alsaghirat min 'iizalat altajawif waljuruh ealaa aljudran wallawhat
Includes everything you need - the package comes with 12 sanding sheets of the following grades (P120 - P150 - P180 - P220)
HIGH QUALITY PAPER - It won't crumble, crack, or crumble during use
Wet and Dry Use - Made of electroplated silicon carbide that can be suitable for both wet and dry use, so you can use it on everything from metal and wood to plastic or porcelain
Long Enough to Hand Use or Place on Sand Block - All sanding papers are 9 inch / 22.9 cm long which can be used on hand or easily placed on a sanding block, You can also cut them to any size as you need
Compatible with - ideal for handling all kinds of single tasks and small repairs from removing cavities and scuffs on walls and panels

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