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Roco Pocket Sharpener

Roco Pocket Sharpener
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Roco Pocket Sharpener
  • Stock: 3
  • Model: براية روكو حديد 1 فتحة
  • Weight: 0.25kg
  • Dimensions: 10.00cm x 8.00cm x 5.00cm
  • Model-en: براية روكو ح
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Manufacturer Number18050
number of pencil holesSingle Hole
width6.25 in ( 15.88 cm )
height/length.45 in ( 11.43 mm )
depth1.00 in ( 2.54 cm )
product typePocket Sharpener
designWedge Shape
Shipping Weight0.02
20 pcs                                             

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