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Resen Gravity 2 kg with cross

Resen Gravity 2 kg with cross
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Resen Gravity 2 kg with cross
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Gravity resin product (quick drying), 2 kg, is one of the finest types of resin, and it is characterized by the following

  • High density, ideal for artwork
  • Drying speed as it dries within 8-12 hours
  • Its high transparency, purity and non-yellowing.
  • Perfect to use for artwork and to create effects
  • It shall be free from toxic fumes, odors and volatile substances during the reaction.
  • Safe on the skin and on food after dehydration.
  • It was tested by an accredited body from the Saudi Standards Organization.
  • Easy to store and use.
  • Comfortable handling as it begins to harden after 30 minutes
  • Easy to mix as it mixes in five minutes.

How to use :

Using a measuring cup or an electronic scale, add 1 of the resin to 1 of the hardener, as the ratio is equal between the resin and the hardener, stir gently and very slowly until the two mixtures mix well and avoid rapid stirring until you avoid bubbles appearing in the mixture, then add the resin colors or gold leaf and any Additions as desired, then pour the mixture on the surface or a silicone mold, remove the bubbles after 10-15 minutes using a torch or lighter. Leave the resin to dry completely away from sunlight, dust, or an open place to avoid any impurities adhering to the work. The work dries after 8-12 hours.

Preservation and storage method:

A quick-drying package is kept away from sunlight, high heat and humidity. It is kept in a place with a room temperature ranging between (22-24) Celsius.

Valid for use up to five years from the date of opening

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