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Colors and accessories

Brand: Atlas Model: الوان زيتية جورجينا
Main featuresPigment concentrate• Colors with exceptional hold and lusterIt can be mixed and ranges from wet to dry.• The harmony is smooth and buttery• Dry surface in 4 to 5 days..
S.R 25.00
Ex Tax:S.R 25.00
 Leeno 3D Creative Glue  Leeno 3D Creative Glue
Out Of Stock
Brand: Leeno Model: غراء ابداعي ثلاثي أبعاد
Tools:1- 10.50 ml 6 colors2- 2 transparent masks3- AccessoriesColor: Cyan, Purple, Light Green,       Pink, yellow, white..
S.R 14.00
Ex Tax:S.R 14.00
Brand: SbC Model: ألوان قماش 12مل اس بي سي
12ml sbc fabric colors..
S.R 14.00
Ex Tax:S.R 14.00
Brand: SbC Model: حامل لوحة فنية خشبي 45 سم
S.R 15.00
Ex Tax:S.R 15.00
75 msbc color stabilizer
Out Of Stock
Brand: SbC Model: مثبت ألوان 75 ملي اس بي سي
75 msbc color stabilizer..
S.R 18.00
Ex Tax:S.R 18.00
Model: كراسة رسم
- High quality.Medium texture/roughness.- 20 sheets of optimum thickness of 160 gsm per A3 size sheet.- Color fastness for a long time.Environmentally friendly materials.Made of 25% natural cotton.- Free of acid and harmful substances...
S.R 23.00
Ex Tax:S.R 23.00
Brand: SbC Model: الوان أكريلك 12 مل
Acrylic color 12 ml..
S.R 12.80
Ex Tax:S.R 12.80
Brand: Leeno Model: فرشة
Acrylic Leeno Color Brush LE-0263Use for all painting on canvas paper, Masonite or fabrics use on all surfaces..
S.R 10.00
Ex Tax:S.R 10.00
Brand: SbC Model: Artist Canvas Board , Cotton 30*30 cm SBC
S.R 10.00
Ex Tax:S.R 10.00
Brand: SbC Model: ‎‎ارتميت‎‎ ‎مسحوق الفحم‎
SpecificationsSKU449403Manufacturer NumberCP6OZvolume6.00 oz ( 170.48 ml )product typeDrawing MediadesignCharcoal PowdercontainerBottlecolorBlackShipping Weight0.11..
S.R 35.00
Ex Tax:S.R 35.00
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